ION 4AH Battery (GEN 3)


Designed for cold weather performance, this ION® 4Ah Gen 3 Battery efficiently provides power to your ION® electric ice auger (not included).
Easily monitor the Battery charge level with the press of a button on the back.
Compatible with all Gen 1 (ION®, ION® X, ION® R1) and Gen 3 (ION® Alpha, ION® Alpha Plus) auger models.

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Compatible with Gen 1 and Gen 3 auger models.


  • 4 Amp-Hour, 40V MAX, Lithium-ion
  • Rechargeable
  • Charge indicator lights on the back
  • Cross-compatible with all Gen 1 and Gen 3 auger models


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Weight 22.5 lbs


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