371 Outdoors Hats


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Our latest style of 371 Outdoors Hats are in! We have baseball caps for a casual style to wear all year round, especially out on the boat! Choose from 4 different styles to fit your style! Grey and White Trucker hat, Kryptonics Fishing Camo, Brown and Green Camo and Dark Grey and Black Trucker hat. And for while you’re out on the ice,  371 Outdoors Hats also have nice warm and cozy stocking hats! They are thick woven so they will be sure to keep you warm while out on the ice or just being out in the winter time. Also four styles to choose from which include a Grey Woven with a pom-pom, Black Woven with a pom-pom, Grey and Black with a pom-pom, and Black and White Camo Beanie.



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Black Camo Beanie, Black Pom, Black/ Grey Baseball Cap, Black/Grey Pom, Black/Grey Stripe 371 Pom, Camo Baseball Cap, Grey Pom, Grey/White Baseball Cap, Kryptonic Baseball Cap


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