HT Predator Tip-Up PRT-200


  • Multi-trip setting
  • Wind-free trip wire
  • 500 ft. spool capacity
  • Freeze-proof lubricant
  • High-visibility hot green frame
  • Extra-large frame for bigger holes

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Prepare for your next ice fishing trip with the HT Enterprises® Predator Tip-Up. The heavy-duty hot green frame makes this ice fishing tip-up highly visible, and the V-shaped design ensures it won’t freeze in the slush. The 500-foot spool offers smooth winding in every depth, and there’s plenty of line if your fish wants to run. The multi-setting trip shaft is adjustable for whatever size bait or fish you’re targeting, and the trip wire is wind-resistant. With its freeze-free lubricant, HT Enterprises® guarantees this tip-up won’t freeze in any amount of ice build-up. See for yourself how durable the HT Enterprises® Predator Tip-Up is by picking one up for your next ice fishing adventure.


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