Custom Hunting Knife in Eastern Red Cedar with Leather Sheath


” Distinctly Unique “
Custom Hand Crafted Fish Knives

The array of changing color and grain even in the same piece of stock is remarkable.
It is not uncommon to find a light, blond/almond coloring on one end of the stock only to find marbling deep red-maroon coloring on the other end.

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These knives depart from the ordinary

The blades are 440C Hardened Stainless Steel from USA Knifemaker in Mankato, MN.

It takes 19 steps to craft the knives and matching sheaths from selecting the desired wood to the final finishing of the set.

When the wood is selected, care is taken to identify special graining and coloring characteristics that will ultimately be the finished product.

Stock is measured and cut accordingly to capture special features so that it will fit the jig and become the identity of that particular knife and sheath.

In order to assure the integrity and stability of the handle and at the same time protect the unique wood characteristics of that particular set, rivets are secured internally through the rivet holes of the blade and into the inner face of the handle sides.

Both handles and sheaths are bonded with an 36000 Industrial Strength adhesive; this guarantees that there will never be water seepage into the handle and around any  possible cracked finish at the head of an exposed external rivet.

Each set is finished with a Marine Spar commonly used on boats.
Good enough for the boat sitting in the water, good enough for the knives.

Five coats are applied and each coat is dried and buffed providing a lasting surface.
Spar also has UV resistant characteristics which prevent any damage that may come from UV rays.

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