Bait Up 35ox. Live Bait Container


The innovative Bait Up 35 Live Bait Container is a super-compact, pocket-sized minnow jar that gives instant access to live bait, no matter where you fish.

Great for stream fishing, bank walking, or ice fishing, Bait Up keeps bait lively and lets you quickly select your bait without submerging your hand.
Its cylindrical see-thru body features a dual-lid design with an internal floating basket; drain and fill from one end, invert and retrieve bait from the other end, as the self-draining basket rises to the top with bait inside.
Made of tough hard plastic, the Bait Up Live Bait Container will generally hold 1 to 3 minnow “scoops” of live bait.

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  • Innovative pocket-sized minnow jar
  • Keeps bait lively and easily accessible
  • Great for stream fishing, bank walking, or ice fishing
  • Select bait without submerging your hand
  • See-thru body with dual-lid design
  • Internal floating basket lifts bait to the top
  • Simply submerge to refill
  • Holds 1 to 3 minnow “scoops”

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