18″ Black Hole Sleeve


What can the Catch Cover 18″ Black Hole Sleeve do for me?

  • 18″ Hole Sleeves are for fixed axle utility trailers and campers that are converted into ice houses that sit higher off the ice.
  • They rest inside the Catch Cover ring to keep cold air from coming up through the fishing holes.
  • Durable and easily stored, 18″ sleeves have molded 1″ trim lines so you can customize the height if necessary.

We also carry the 18″ Hole Sleeve in White, click here to see more information!

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You can choose between White, Black, and our personal favorite Moon Glow!

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  • Width: 14.00 (in)
  • Height: 18.00 (in)
  • Depth: 14.00 (in)
  • Individual Weight: 3 lb
  • Case Weight: 12 lb

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 18 in


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