2023 Black Hole Ice Shack
Size: 6.5′ x 14′
Color: Black
Interior: Canvas
Shack Features:
• 3,500# Axle Rating
• Aluminum Wheels
• Winch Cranks
• 14′ Length
• Removable Front Rock Guard Protection
• Insulated Floor (Intellicore)
• Heavy Duty Tie-Downs
• Spear Holes
Pop-Up Canvas Features:
• 12′ Thermo Insulated Ice Cover
• Made of 3M 150-Grain Insulation
• All models come with “Easy Pins” for portable removal during trailer use

The Most Innovative Ice Shack on the Market
Lighter, Stronger, Bigger

A monster of a frame measuring 14′ x 6.6′.
This is the largest Black Hole Ice Shack and is perfect for hauling all of your gear.
It weighs approximately 1100 lbs and has a 3,500 lb easy drop down axle. Includes a fully insulated enclosure.

Why is the Black Hole Ice Shack something you’d love to own? Simple! Quick setup/tear-down, you can get on early season/late season ice. You can setup the shack solo, or with several people quick and easy. Run and gun style fishing works extremely well. It’s built to last using high-quality frames, industry standard cold-stitched canvas, catch covers, and salt guards that double as ramps for loading. Heats with a buddy heater and maintains heat extremely well making your fishing experience that much more enjoyable. — Mike Olson, Prostaffer