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Shell Models

2016 Firebrand Skid House 5'x8' Spray Foamed

M.S.R.P- $ 2,895.00

2015 Firebrand 6.5' x 10' Shell 

Sale Price- $5,700.00
*payments as low as $117.00/mo

2016 8' x 16' Yetti Xtreme

M.S.R.P w/ upgrades- $10,295
Sale Price-$9,995.00
*payments as low as 115.00/mo

2016 Yetti 8'x16'  Xtreme Shell

M.S.R.P- $10,119.00 
*payments as low as 115.00/mo


 Finished Models

2016 8'x16' Firebrand Minnewaska
M.S.R.P w/ upgrades- $19,195.00
Sale Price-$18,795.00
*Payments as low as $188.00/mo
A/C ready
 2017 8' x 16" Yetti
Xtreme Model

M.S.R.P w/ upgrades- $28,900.00
Sale Price-$26,895.00
*Payments as Low as $280.00/mo.
A/C ready
2017 8' x 16' Firebrand

M.S.R.P- $24,675.00.00  
Sale Price- $23,895.00
*Payments as Low as 235.00/mo
 2016 8' x 16' Firebrand Miltona Bay WindowM.S.R.P- $23,495.00
Sale Price- 22,899.00
*Payments as Low as $235.00/mo
A/C ready
2016 8' x 20' Firebrand Minnewaska Model
 M.S.R.P- $29,995.00
Sale Price- 27,417.00
*payments as low as $297.00/mo
A/C ready
2015 8' x 14' Firebrand - Minnewaska Model
Sale Price- $17,895.00
*Payment as Low as $188.00/mo.

2016 Yetti 6.5' x 16' Outpost 

M.S.R.P w/ upgrades- $17,625.00
Sale Price-$17,395.00
*Payments as low as $182.00

2015 6.5' x 14' Firebrand Osakis-  Used
Like New 2013 Triple Slide LaCrosse 322RES Travel Trailer used pre owned pull behind camper
M.S.R.P w/ upgrades- $12,995.00
Sale Price-$11,995.00
*Payments as Low as $125.00/mo.

2016 6.5'x14' Firebrand

M.S.R.P - $12,995.00
Sale Price-$12,695.00
*Payments as Low as 155.00/mo

2016 8' x 16' Yetti Crossover Sport

M.S.R.P- $20,769.00
*Payments as Low as $237.00/mo
A/C ready.

2016 6.5'x14' Firebrand Osakis w/ Ramp Door

M.S.R.P w/ upgrades- $15,195.00
Sale Price-$14,995.00
*Payments as low as $158.00/mo

2016 6.5'x12' Yetti
Edge Sport Model
Firebrand Ice Fish House Shell White Deer 6.5x10M.S.R.P- $13,281.00
*Payments as Low as $146.00/mo.


Arriving Soon
(Actual house may not be shown, please call for additional details)

Shell Models

2017 8 x 16 Yetti Xtreme Beige/Black

Finished Models

2017 8 x 16  Yetti Xtreme White
2017 6.5 x 12 Yetti Edge Sport

 **Payment Estimate Stated May Vary Based on Credit/Down Payment**

Ice Forts Fish House Color Options